AROD Custom Wood Working is a new venture started by Alejandro Rodriguez in 2017 based in Austin, Texas. Since the inception, the business has been providing the area with high-quality custom wooden furniture & cabinetry, as well as other woodwork.

Rodriguez has over 10 years of core experience in the field of custom woodworking and designing. Passion quickly turned into a hobby, and after numerous requests from family and friends, Rodriguez decided to step into the woodworking industry and establish his own business, where he could work with a passion for providing his clients with quality pieces that will enhance the beauty of their homes. With proven architectural excellence, he has always believed in giving his clients the best value – a combination of quality materials, engineering, and beautiful finishing. Whether it’s delivering a large custom kitchen or a single piece of furniture – each project is treated with perfection and with the same attention to detail.

We believe that replacement is not the only available option. Instead, refacing, upgrading, and remodeling are also options that should be explored. Durable materials and professional knowledge of woodworking techniques will protect your investment, that is why we focus on providing premium quality products and encourage our clients to do the same instead of being price conscious.

The company prides itself in original custom work; which means working in any style, in any wood and finish – giving you a finished product which is just not found in today’s retail-oriented environment. Our workshop is modernly equipped with the latest industrial machinery, the best hand tools, and excellent finishing settings. AROD Custom Wood Working is equipped to handle most jobs – large or small – whether in solid wood, veneers or human-made materials.

With a vast experience of architectural excellence in residential woodworking, you can be assured that the finish will be of the highest quality and something you can be proud to own and use for years to come.